Golf lessons with Richard Ballard

Richard has a wealth of experience in teaching golf in a simple, direct fashion leaving his pupils more confident and very clear as to the task ahead until the next lesson. He does not overload with technical jargon as he feels this only leads to the pupil golfer being confused and unsure as to what he is supposed to be doing.
Richard considers that one point to consider in the set up and one in the swing is plenty for a pupil to concentrate upon.
He feels that most golfers who come to him for coaching are unsure quite what is wrong with their game and confused as to what they are supposed to be doing, the result, usually, of having had technical lessons that even Richard himself would not fathom, read several different golfing philosophy books, having heeded unhelpful advice from playing partners and watched innumerable videos/dvds which claim to teach the perfect swing.
We are pleased, therefore, to see progress from the first lesson taken with Richard, his pupils being pleasantly surprised that he does not seek to destroy their swing and that instant results are achievable.

Richard teaches beginners up to fellow golf professionals and prides himself on putting each individual first, boosting confidence and making the beautiful game of golf enjoyable again.

Lesson Prices
Sessions Duration Venue video analysis Price
1 30 minutes Driving range £20
1 60 minutes Driving range £35
1 45 minutes Monmouth Golf Club £25
3 30 minutes Driving range £50

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Ultimate lesson package
2 x 30 minute lessons at driving range
2 x 30 minutes short game lessons at Monmouth Golf Club
1 x 60 minutes playing at Monmouth Golf Club - all for only £80

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